Top Ways to Be Likeable ,and influence others


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In life there are some people extremely successful, even if they are impolite with others and rude,but somehow they achieve success,but they do not know how to win other peoples hearth,and they live their life in an exile world,however as humans we like to build our relationship,in our personal,or professional life.with someone,who is so kind, trustful.agreeable, and more likable, when you see him /her you get attracted by his/her positive energy and worthy thought.

To become more likable need to work on yourself,and get more confident about any situation you face and make the right decision,to be liked by your friend and people,who are connected with,such a great thing, in this article i am going to show some easy steps to become more likable and learn exact formula on how you can make it happen.


1. Genuine Smile 

Always contact people with a big smile,a genuine one is a magical secret to drawn people to you,and like you more and more.because with your positive smile you give them confidence to connect with you,and share their private life with you as well,try to become close to others and if you can make them happy, do it with love,sometime if you just listen carefully to someones problem ,and discuss with him/her,it’s a great gift from you,so keep smiling and greet people in your way,in the work,even the strangers, sometimes great opportunities start with just a smile.

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