Top Best Web Hosting Companies


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1. Industrial revolution impact human life 

When the industrial revolution began, it affected the human being lives,also it improved all sides of life,and make it more comfortable and easy,from the great invention of computer that made a huge impact in life.

    however the discovery of internet,is the point that change the world and made a massive change,in people life,in communication,entertainment,social and economical levels, and still improving.and making life connections more flexible and easy to use,and grow. The internet transformed the global to a small town,every one can connect with the world in a second with internet,and has created opportunities for everyone to make business and sell her/his product,not like was very hard to make just a small business if you do not have a huge amount of money, that allow you to make a brand name in the marketplace


Now everyone can start a personal business,with big online companies like Amazon or EBay,also you can start your own online business and start making money from that,in the process of making a website or blog,you are going to need an import ant thing, in the first step is a web host,it is a company that will stock your blogs portfolios and transfer it to your customersbrowser, and many other different services,in this article my top list of web host that will offer you a great service.

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