The Real Power of Social Media Marketing


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As Humans,we are social being by primitiveness, we need each other. To survive and keep life moving forward, we can not live alone,humans complete each other,to accomplish many needs in life, by learning to grow our emotions, and get a companionship spirit, that will bring love to our life,and a secure feeling,as a human we always we need someone in life to carry about us in difficult situations

However, in the life cycle, the rapid population growth, make a massive impact in people activities,this will need to create more ways to make the people communications powerful,to satisfy their needs in all life levels. These necessities,lead to invent many things to make life more comfortable,like inventing the internet,it made a huge change in human being life,i t has grown to linking millions of people around the world,and impact their living socially and economically as well, in this article I choose 4 books that will teach you everything about social media marketing,and how you can use it to grow your online business and make your life better

1. Audience: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans and Followers

By Jeffrey Rohns

In this book,you will learn, how to reach your audience in a digital world, by magnet a special kind of subscribers, fans and followers, and seekers, and joiners, that will become a huge community,which will discover your stuff, and become interest in it,the author,will show you how to do that by discussing all kinds of social media like Facebook ,pinterest, linked-in, google,and much more also the ways to reach your people, like websites and blogs, it’s a great book you should read it,to discover, its value.


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I believe that the only way to create a special brand in this world,is to create something unique to achieve the excellence in everything I want to do in a world that become full of duplication,maybe it will be hard,but it is possible that is why i started To connect deeply with people.and create a content that worth to share with them,and help them solve their problems, and improve their life as well,also to visualize a better future. I enjoy writing in order to offer some realistic tips for people's life, moreover I believe that investing in people,is more important than anything researching and collecting information,in order to transform it into useful knowledge to offer it in a simple and easy way to my audience. My biggest goal is to make my blog global,by creating a useful knowledge and tips for life that will reach out everyone in everywhere in the world.


  1. Very nice article. I really like the visual storytelling part. You can attract much more people by infographic and videos instead of written data only.