Top 3 Best Self improvement books ,P2


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When I published top best self improvement books article I got a lot of messages from people.they ask me if I am willing to write the second part,because the subject is worth writing honestly,self improvement,is something very important in human life,because, if you want your life to change,it is necessary to change,self development is something very important,because it will guide you to reach your goal in easy way if you are ready mentally and physically as well,also I realize something very important when I published my first part of self improvement books ,which it got more than a thousand comments in less than 2 months,that is why I want to make the second part to satisfy my audience desire to get more knowledge to develop their life,and start the journey of change,always remember that it is possible to get whatever you want,and become whoever you want,never ever give up on changing your personality for better,in these articles I am going to show you my 3 best self improvement books that will change your life totally

1. The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

By Jack Canfield, Janet Switzer

 Great book,which is a lifes guide to achieve your goals,and jump to wherever you are planning to go,no matter how you are now, just if you are willing to change and you are looking for something to inspire you,this book is for you,which will teach you how to boost your self confidence and build your lifes principals,and that will be easy,because the book offer to you collections of many successful people experience in life,that will inspire your daily activities to create your own lifestyle, There are 65 principles for success, which will impact your future success,it worth to read,to discover more great inspiring ideas,to help your self and why not inspire others.

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  1. I recommend a book on Yoga. There’s really something about centering yourself to find the best you. Giridhari Das’ book The 3T Path, is his site for the book and it’s info. It shows the deeper side of Yoga, and that is what I would imagine a better “you” would entail.