Best Ways to Build a Wonderful Life


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    Happiness in your  daily life ,comes from your inner peace ,because whatever happen in your mind ,is going to affect ,your feeling and reactions toward life ,so try to ignore the negativity,by focusing on the bright side of everything ,that will make you a positive person ,because happiness and having a wonderful life is a choice ,everyone can reach it ,just by following some steps that will make you in the right way to a wonderful life .

  by educating yourself ,and continue growing ,and keep learning from experiences to gain wisdom in life  ,self education is the key to master anything you want ,and to do that ,you should start ,working on yourself ,by following a healthy lifestyle ,and looking for a lovely partner to balance your romantic life and work to make your marriage lasting forever,also try to educate yourself financially,it is very important to know how the money works and ,start a plan to save for your retirement ,by putting your money in a business it dos not matter ,you start small or big ,what matter is to start ,that is the key  to success .anyone can build a wonderful life ,and enjoy his /her daily happiness ,if  she /he following the steps and the right formula ,to reach it ,in this articles i will recommend to you 3 books that will teach you how to build a wonderful life .


1 The Art of Happiness

by Dalai Lama XIV, Howard C. Cutler fight
this  book is about the concept of happiness and how we reach it,when you read it ,,it will brings you a lot of peace ,believe me ,it is a great book the Author show that happiness is the purpose of life ,and you can learn how to fight the negative feeling ,like anger ,anxiety .and depression ,insecurity ,and their causes in life ,and also you will learn how to overcome these obstacles ,and transform it to a happy living ,you need to read the book to enjoy it is benefits

The Magic of Thinking Big 

by David J. Schwartz

this book provide you many  useful methods, to solve any problem in your life ,in general ,and it will teach you  the right way of thinking big to get to your target ,nothing magical in life ,all start with your thought . try to pursue the excellence,in everything you  plan .it is an inspiring book ,that will show you how to think positive and bring success to your life,by thinking success ,the magic of thinking big ,is a master piece ,that will change your life for the best of course ,great book ,it is a kind of books that everyone should read it in his/her life .

 How to Win Friends and Influence People

by Dale Carnegie

in the way to build a wonderful life ,you will meet people ,like ,relatives ,colleague in work ,and friends of course ,and at this point you should work on yourself to become an example that influence others ,and to do that ,this book is the right guide for you ,you will learn how to make people  ,and become in your side ,and believe in your way of thinking , and  how to get along with them,This is an incredible book,if you want to have friends and be successful,at the same time ,you should learn the formula to interact with others ,this book will teach you the right way ,its a masterpiece .

there are many ingredients in the recipe of a wonderful life ,like having the dream job ,that you enjoy ,have a happy marriage ,travel the world ,and many more things ,and to enjoy all these things ,you should live below your mean first ,to discover the really meaning of happiness ,and make your wonderful living  last forever,

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