Top Health Benefits Of Cloves


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In life .everything has a purpose ,and reason of existence,thing complete each other ,for
example ,human being relation with the nature , if you spend just a few time in the beach , gardens, mountains,or  in a forest with the trees ,and fresh herbs and flowers ,you will feel much better ,and spending time in nature in general has a  mental and physical health benefits.

Nature and its contents ,improve the well being in general  ,if you  have been suffering from stress ,depression ,or other sickness ,you can find natural products ,that will help you .jump the situation and become better ,like cloves ,it has magical   benefits for our mental and physical health as well,so lets discover the top health benefits of cloves.



Improves Digestion

cloves is very important in digestion process by activating the secretion of digestive enzymes.however the oils in cloves are very effective in reducing inflammation and cleaning bacteria in the stomach .


Help you stopping Bad Breath

Cloves can kills the bacteria in your mouth that make your breath bad ,because of  it is strong aroma ,just by chewing 3 or 4 cloves a  3 time a day just 1 min a time ,you will have a better breath.or use it in tea or coffee,you will enjoy the nice taste and get a good result too.


Cloves for toothaches

cloves are very helpful ,if you suffer from a toothache , just chew 3 or 4 cloves and put in the area of pain .you will feel better ,because it contains  biochemicals ,which is an effective pain killing


Cloves Boosts immunity

if you want to keep the immune system healthy ,you should watch what you are consuming,cloves  sweetness and strong , aroma help boosting your immune system ,you can use it in food as spice too.


Cloves Prevents hair loss

cloves oil purpose,  is to thicken hair or to prevent hair loss,it is very helpful ,especially hair loss ,is a big problem with any generation ,just you need to use it properly ,to prevent any side effect ,just by mixing olive oil and cloves oil  and put this mixture on your scalp   ,keep it for a few time and after that wash your hair carefully ,do this several time per month .you will get better result .

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