How to build a happy marriage ,and make it last forever


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The top happiness that you can achieve in this life is to discover how to understand your partner, that You want to be with him/her forever, you can do that,by crea

ting a healthy relationship.and know how to express yourself to her/him in the right way. Especially in marriage,you should put it as a top priority in your life,to enjoy its great benefits, physically and mentally as well, you can share love and confidence with your spouse to build a healthy marriage this article,I will show you how to build a strong and healthy marriage that will still forever.


1. Understand each other 

The first key for a happy and successful relationship,is to discover your partners personality,because Sometimes, you need to explain something to your partner that you want him/her to change,like a habit for example,in this situation if you do not know to express the problem to your husband,or your wife,for sure you will be in trouble,but if you know the keys of your partners will explain that with love,and in the other part,your partner will feel better, with your advises,because he/she knows that you did that with love.a daily communication is a strong tool to build a happy relationship.


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