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   In many places in the world ,there are many families that don’t have enough food to eat, or they cannot afford a healthy living for their kids ,because of the many reasons ,however THE humanity can find the solutions of world problems ,if they have the principle of sharing,especially in the 21 CENTURY,,BECAUSE THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA IS HARD TO IGNORE ,IT IS THE GREATEST   WAY TO KEEP IN TOUCH FAMILY ,AND FRIENDS AS WELL ,IT ALLOWS YOU TO SHARE YOUR LIFE STORY FROM A TO Z,BECAUSE THE ABILITY  OF THE INTERNET  AND SOCIAL MEDIA IS LIMITLESS,IT CAN MAKE ANY ISSUE SPREAD WORLDWIDE IN A SECONDS ,
for example ,the social media stars  raise $ 1 million , in less that 24 hour to help people in Somalia ,Colin Kaepernick and MANY social media stars  and m,any other foundations ,it is the power of sharing that connecting people and make them INTERACTING with the issue .

                                                                                                                         Sometimes in your  way to achieve your dreams , and build a successful career, you will face many different stumbles,and obstacles that will decrease your willpower to keep going until you reach your goals.
These obstacles could come from your environment ,your friends , your competitors ,relatives ,and Social networking , some  people will make you feel that you can not do it ,because they do not collaborate with you ,or they make many reasons to sabotage your plans,ii,just because they don’t like your content ,or i can call them the enemies of success ,
“what happened with the moroccan youtuber SKOWZA ,with some people , they didn’t  let him ,reach his success ,after long hours of hard work , they tried to hack his gaming channel ,when he uploaded a video ,to his youtube channel ,in less than 24 hours ,his video became number 1 trending in moroccan web ,it is the power of social media sharing ,   really special thanks ,to everyone  ,that  helped him ,to change his life for better

All the best SKOWZA   ,you have the talent to become a famous and successful person  ,not in morocco only but in every corner in the world.

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I believe that the only way to create a special brand in this world,is to create something unique to achieve the excellence in everything I want to do in a world that become full of duplication,maybe it will be hard,but it is possible that is why i started To connect deeply with people.and create a content that worth to share with them,and help them solve their problems, and improve their life as well,also to visualize a better future. I enjoy writing in order to offer some realistic tips for people's life, moreover I believe that investing in people,is more important than anything researching and collecting information,in order to transform it into useful knowledge to offer it in a simple and easy way to my audience. My biggest goal is to make my blog global,by creating a useful knowledge and tips for life that will reach out everyone in everywhere in the world.


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