Best Ways to Monetize your blog


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A minority of people,  when they  started blogging, they  had no idea how to
make money.  some of them ,started blogging because of their  passion to share   knowledge and information

As you know AdSense is a great  way to monetize your websites or channels,because of its  high-quality  ads and its cyclic income ,also its easy to use , ads changes automatically,and its  payments are  very safe,  for your online business , however some people they got banned by AdSense company,because they broke the rules   ,or something else that will not let them use adsence any more ,also other  can’t get  approved by adsense ,because their website or channel contents ,but it is not a big deal  there are hundreds of ways to monetize your online business and make   money online ,i have a special list for you to monetize your blog or channel without adsense .


1. Affiliate Marketing..

  •  ShareAsale
  • Clickbank

alternative programs

  • Adversal

3 Direct Advertisement 

  • Create an ‘Advertise’ page .
  • Join forums to find advertisers.for your blog

 4 Sell a your own  Product or Service

  • Courses
  • Software
  • Web Design/Development
  • coaching  Services

5 Product reviews

  • BzzAgent
  • Myview
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I believe that the only way to create a special brand in this world,is to create something unique to achieve the excellence in everything I want to do in a world that become full of duplication,maybe it will be hard,but it is possible that is why i started To connect deeply with people.and create a content that worth to share with them,and help them solve their problems, and improve their life as well,also to visualize a better future. I enjoy writing in order to offer some realistic tips for people's life, moreover I believe that investing in people,is more important than anything researching and collecting information,in order to transform it into useful knowledge to offer it in a simple and easy way to my audience. My biggest goal is to make my blog global,by creating a useful knowledge and tips for life that will reach out everyone in everywhere in the world.