4 great natural house cleaner


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Our  house is like  a heaven for us,always we want to keep it clean and well organised .but some areas ,it becomes dirty fast because of the people movement  like kitchen and bathrooms,and that need a hard work to keep it clean with  chemicals products ,and some of them can affect your  health ,i suggest a natural product for a great result with less effort  and no sides affections.

1 Lemon juice 

lemon has a lovely smell  also  you can use it to keep your house clean and also disinfect areas due to mild acidity,from now on, keep your microwave clean and your kitchen supply too .squeeze  a lemon  inside  a plastic container, or rinse it with lemon juice to  remove stains ,and  bad smells, and you can make  a multipurpose kitchen cleaner  with lemon juice and its peels.

2  the magic of Baking Soda 

Baking soda is very  useful for cleaning . its a cleaner and a natural deodorizer   that help you scrubing  the difficult areas in your house ,you should have it in your house always  you can use it to clean your stove ,ovens etc

3  white vinegar 
its a great natural cleaners  that you can use. It’s  acidic, and  it kills bacteria , its all purpose cleaner you can use it every where in your house ,kitchen ,shower ,walls,windows  mirror  if you mix it with baking soda  it will  give  a great cleaning result .

4 Natural salt

cleaning  your home with salt is one  of the most natural ,effective natural cleaning element  ,however you  can use salt in many ways of cleaning, like mix it with vinegar its a safe combine for cleaning ,for general cleaning   as i said mix it with vinegar  ,it will become a great  cleaner for fridge ,kitchen boards  and kitchen surfaces .etc

Finally i want to say that its not about saving money or something else but its about keeping your family  safe  with natural products .



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