4 Great Health Benefit of Garlic


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As we know that Garlic is  close relatives to onion,chive,shallot,leek,also its a international seasoning for food that gives a great flavor to our dishes, however Garlic has many health benefits as well,  from thousands years ago it used like a medicine  ,it is composed of water, carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber and fat. It also contains vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids ,here are some health benefits of Garlic .

1 it improve cholesterol levels 

garlic improves the cholesterol level  which may decrease  the risk of heart attack by lowering  Total  LDL cholesterol,

2 long life living 

it could help you enjoying a long healthy life by reduce the risk of many disease like blood pressure ,also it can fight as i said many disease especially when you become old ,you will be an easy target for many disease

3 Enhance human production  


it  is  one of the great  performance boosting level ;also Garlic was used for reducing fatigue  ,and many studies showed that garlic is good for  people  to reduce  fatigue .

4 great for your Diet

when we make our diet Menu   is better to add Garlic to our dishes   ,basically it make  food delicious and we can get the health benefit from its content as well . some studies showed that it can prevent weight gain and might even cause weight loss.



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