how to find a way to a great future life


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If you want a great future life you have to take action now , Whatever  a great future life means to you, you want to engage with someone that you love  ,  get your dream job or buying a luxurious house   , what you are going to plan today ,it will  affect your tomorrow. You have to take action to make a changes in yourself .here are   3 steps  to help you planing a great  future life .

                                                                  1 kick your past out of     your life 

 you should know that the past is just a past, is gone
never will be back so learn from it and let it go,
 of course  everybody have been  experienced a bad moments that affected his / her life ,but it does not mean  life is finish  do not loose the hope for better life ,and
never ever give up ,maybe you will fail one or two time but you will gain knowledge that make you smart , strong  and well prepared  for the next step  ,

2  accumulate knowledge  from your failure times

Learn from any  mistake  you have done before .  . try to compare between yourself in the past and now for sure you will  laugh at some moments that you pouched yourself hard  instead of trying to figure out how you could  be better and move to the next step, try to give yourself a  second chance , also try to write down your journal every day ,and check it every night before you go to bed ,believe in yourself and try to build self confidence to  gain a great benefit of what you planned before .train your mind and have discipline in your life   have positive behavior,try to improve your  vision, that will shows you your great  future   life   .

3 move forward 

All what  you’ve learned is  your sharp sword,to win in   life. As your past determine  your present, your present will define your future. What you do now, will automatically design   your future.

  •  forgive yourself   what you did in your past life ,any moment or stories that made you  unhappy   ,say to yourself is enough , and you are ready now to move on for your future, try use your vision and   travel  to the future and see what you want and how you want your life to  be ,then try to figure out  what you have, and what you lack,   work hard to accumulate  knowledge  . be happy,
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