5 tips to keep yourself inspired and healthy

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when you try to look for tips to improve your lifestyle, and make you happy,   you will find thousand of tips ,   i pick  5 best tips to make it easy for you to start a healthy and inspired life

  •   drink water

drink a glass of water every morning when you wake up  to start a fresh day

  • practice sport

exercising  every day boost your energy and improves mood and make you healthy

  • sleep

when you sleep well, you get more energy  to do your work well and make your                   happiness

  • learning

the more you learn the more knowledge you earn , and make get inspired by what you are learning ,  books stories about successful people in life and time by time  give yourself a chance for brainstorming that can be a treasure  for your future life

  • to do list

to do list is very important to stay organised  and always on time  , to move forward  and have a great life balance

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